Wanaka vintage painting

Here is a last creation : a 125x50cm painted canvas, framed, of Wanaka vintage style sign.

For the one who read the article about “plant pots”, I used the same color painting to create a unity in the house. Here is the result :

Graphic vintage painting Wanaka

Vintage peinture

I hope this painting is good source of inspiration for you, if you like it, don’t forget to click the “like” button ! Thanks !

I currently bought a new frame where I intend to paint another vintage Wanaka artwork… I’ll show you once it will be finished !

See you later !

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One thought on “Wanaka vintage painting

  1. Hi, really like this painting and am interested in buying it off Trademe – what is the painting you are currently working on (the other vintage Wanaka one)? Thanks!

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