AmandineDESIGN create CosyNEVE

Cosy NEVE mountain interior DESIGN

In order to satisfy our Blog’s readers interest in Interior Design, AmandineDESIGN just launched a new website entirely made for Interior Design inspired by the Mountains :

AmandineDESIGN will now concentrate more onto its original activity which is graphic, web design and illustration.

Why “CosyNEVE” ?

The place I find the most comfortable on earth is in the snow just after a (more or less wanted) ski crash in the powder!

CosyNEVE offers interior design inspiration for people who enjoy wild natural spaces. It can be chalet but not only. We like scandinavian style, uncluttered room and simple lines !

If you do like that too, follow us in our adventure, just starting now !

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What CosyNEVE offers ?

We hope all of this will make you happy and curious to visit again soon :


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