Treble Cone Snowboard Banked Slalom Poster

affiche snowboard event

Here is the lastest creation : a poster for the snowboard event held at Treble Cone : The Banked Slalom.

Here are a few pictures of my screen taken during the creation process, just to give you an insight of the work behind the poster.

It started with the design of diamond shapes in Illustrator CS6, choice of colors and patterns.

Losanges dessinés sous illustrator


The pattern has been transfered into Phtooshop to add texture and process poster creation


Photos have been incorporated in the background of the pattern : a snowboarder and some clouds.

poster snowboard creation

Then I added text using a “triangle” font called “slant” and simple one called “Nexa”

création affiche snowboard


Final touch, a shadow all around the poster to focus the eye on the title “banked slalom”

affiche snowboard event

It is displayed in Wanaka and around the Treble Cone Base building.

Any feedback ?

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