Oh I just sold my first painting !

It is a mix of happiness and sadness, I just sold my first painting…

The creation process is something which takes a long time, it demands lots of thoughts and researches about what we want to create and on which support. Once all the mediums and ideas are found, it is about realizing it. In my case, it was about painting on a canvas the name “Wanaka” (this inspirational place where I am living at the moment, in New Zealand).

I enjoyed the shape of each letters while driving my brush around it, sometimes breathless to prevent any wrong move. The painting has been sold on auction and the buyer came yesterday to pick it up… Goodbye painting! Well, I know now it is in good hands in another Wanaka home.

And this motivated me to finish another painting I started earlier… I’ll show you on the next article ! A bientôt !

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