Magazine layout : Make some space !

In the same magazine as the one used in the previous article, the layout caught my attention. Here are some noticeable points to recreate this attracting layout.

Some space !

We usually believe too much empty space will give an impression of void, or not finished. However, by balancing well each free space, the final result get an uncluttered, serious and chic look all at once.

In the following example, you should notice the wide margin all around the content (green). As well as the empty space inside (blue). The text as well has a wide line space which help the reading process. We avoid the “block of text” aspect.


Despite the large amount of free space, the layout doesn’t seem “lost” in the middle of the page and every item seem to find its right place sparingly. So, how is this content organized ?


Alignment & grid

The explanation is here :

The whole content is organized around a grid and each element is aligned on this one in an harmonious way : some on the left, others on the right and some are even centered. There’s not really any rules for that, just use your own common sense !

We could speak as well about colors scheme or the font choices for this layout, but I keep that subject for a future article.

So, when you’ll create your next magazine layout, make sure you think to :
– create a margin all around the content,
– draw a grid and place each element on this one, while agreeing to leave some free space blank where ever you wish.

Enjoy creating !!


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