Latest creation: Snowboarder Banked Slalom

Here is the new poster design for the Treble Cone event : NZ Snowboarder Banked Slalom.

My task was to follow the same style of design as the one I designed last year, to display large logos of the sponsors and the main prize : a Capita Snowboard.
For that, I used illustrator to draw the snowboarder silhouettes, and Photoshop for the “splash” style, and the general layout of the informations. I follow a personal taste : “keep it simple“. This means, I use only few colors, here is black, snow texture and bright lemon green. Only 2 different fonts are used. For my taste, I found the logos a bit too “noisy” and I’d rather have them smaller and discrete.

I was asked to create a web version of the poster. It is basically the same as the poster but each element size has been adjusted to be readable.

I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave your comments : )

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